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IADlife services provided are Counselling/Life Coaching, Pranic Healing, EFT/tapping, Mirror work, Gratitude practice.

All IADLife services are provided for Corporates and Individuals through Training, Consultation, and Workshops.

IADLife services are provided online and onsite.

The online activity conducted by us is in groups too. We call them, ‘The Great Minds Groups‘.

The onsite activity is conducted by us on an invitation and on prior booking of the workshops.

Please go through the links and IADLife web pages to know more.

To arrange for these workshops, please contact us by calling us or by writing to us. Email:, Phone: +91 80 42188074, WhatsApp Number: +919886077034.

Services provided to the Corporate are the workshops, discussions, consultation, counselling/life coaching sessions.

IADLife intends to build bridges between corporate and their employees. And thus IADLIfe would contribute in increasing the quality and quantity in productivity and creativity.

Corporate is haven in which individuals can explore, expand and experience. Corporate jobs provide security and growth in the form of regular salary, a place to work, practice and usage of your current skills, learning new skills, building network and practice in interaction, bathroom facilities, availability of food, water and other beverages. Corporates provides a destiny to travel to work, a place to sit and to focus and be productive. Corporate also gives time off for your personal life, organises get-together and outings for mixing personal and professional life. For an individual corporates are responsible for experience and enhancement at the social, economical, personal and professional level. Employees put in their 8 to 9 hours five days in a week. That is approximately 40 personnel hours. This is consistent, persistent, regular work. A lot can be accomplished in this many hours of productivity. Projects are completed.  Revenues are brought in and corporate progresses.
Employees are the face of the corporate. They are an important pillar that supports the corporate and cog of the wheel that moves the corporate forward.
They are network and growth for the corporate.
Employees presence, existence, attrition or long stay, behaviour in the corporate determines the reputation of the corporate.

An association between the corporate and their employees has to be mutually beneficial. Both are equally valuable to each other. Both need each other.

IADLife therefore, aims to provide a wholesome guidance. This reflects in the Services provided and Workshops suggested by us. We suggest and train in empowering of the employees and the management in a way that it brings them closer and opens the communication. Thus creating or enhancing a grateful and fruitful environment that is advantageous to all parties involved.

Each corporate is unique and therefore we maintain process designed and customized for the company information and is provided on request.
The key to the discussion is instilling faith in openness. Therefore we prefer to keep the names anonymous. Once such a confidence is established the employees that are participating start to open up, share and are in a place to receive the solutions. We can share the situations that your organisation is going through and effective solutions in the report.

Suggestions for the corporate from IADLife.

* Arrange for the work shop frequently in-house.
Workshops can be conducted in weekdays, before lunch, half day.
Workshops maybe more than one day depending on the topic.
* Sponsor the employees for the counselling or life coaching sessions.
Corporate could choose to sponsor fully or partially, few sessions and let the employees use their
resources for the rest of the sessions.
* Promote employees to take help from experts.
* Promote employees to participate in IADLife WhatsApp activities. It’s convenient, time efficient, very
effective and economical.

Very Important:

Please Note.

One of the reasons people prefer to go to a medical procedures than non-invasive healing methods like counselling and energy healing, is the reimbursements that they receive fully or partially. Therefore corporates are requested to consider it as an office policy.

Medical suggestions and procedures may not be required in all situations. However, if there is a need for it then counselling and energy healing support, collaborate and add to expedite the healing to make healing permanent.

IADLife helps in dealing with situation such as ‘Corporate Burnout.’

‘Corporate Burnout’ is term used as a causative reason for stress, reduction in productivity and attrition in many employees.

Here I am sharing my viewpoints on this very important topic and term, considering corporate work is also one of the biggest contributors for a nation’s employment and economy. It will also come to many people as a relief that the term ‘Corporate Burnout’, is actually a misnomer.

I am certain this article will help many people who know that they need the job but are finding it difficult to sustain one and need help to enjoy it.

PDF of the article in Economics Times

Audio of the interview in the Economics Times.


Suggestions for the individuals/employees from IADLife.

Protocol followed are as follows:

Step 1: Contact IADLife office. Brief discussion on the organisation.

Step 2: Chalking out a workshop and counselling schedule for all who would need and are willing to take.

Step 3: A workshop of your choice or a customised specific workshop catering to a need of the employees of the organization.

Workshops Suggested:

De-Clutter Your Life Workshop

Angel Therapy

Energy Clearing


All the IADLife services are provided in person, over the phone or over video chat.
Details of each of the services are mentioned in the respective pages.
For more details please contact IADLife office.

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