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Dear friend,

IADLife ‘Great Minds Group’ activity is online.

IADLife is conducting the gratitude practice. The Magic practice is based on the book ‘The Magic’, by Rhonda Byrne. It is a 28-day practice.

Instruction for each day will be posted the previous day in a text form. It will also be provided in the form of audio, for your convenience. These are exactly as mentioned in the book. This information has been taken from the online source.

The group members/participants will be sent daily guidance, tips and pointers explaining how to carry out the instructions in the practice from day1 to day28.

Each day instruction will be de-layered in case the participants have questions and will receive counseling that demonstrates/explains how it is applicable in their/a life situations.

Gratitude helps and supports all areas of your life. Career, relationship, money, health. Gratitude covers aspects that are connected with people, experiences, desires, changes, corrections, life enhancements.

Gratitude is a way to focus, observe and take notice of what has been missed due to pre-conceived perceptions, stress and/or impatience. Gratitude teaches you to value. Gratitude promotes and motivates you to expand your deservability to ask for more with heightened clarity.

To be a part of this activity, you need to send us your WhatsApp number. To connect with us to know more about it, please write to us or connect with us at +919886077034 or

The whole 28-day group activity will be conducted over the WhatsApp.

You can ask questions, share viewpoints and your experience. All interactions will take place only in the group for you and others to benefit.

The charge for this whole activity is a happy amount of $10 (USD.)

You will know about gratitude, how to be thankful, the value of thank-you, and how to be grateful. You will see and experience how being grateful brings what you truly desire.

This activity will bring about understanding and clear the misunderstanding about giving thanks.

Be part of the group, discuss with the group, and get clear with the group and individually. Manifest taking advantage of combined group consciousness.

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Thank You and Best Wishes

Reena Yadav

Life Coach, Writer, Researcher, andProprietrix- IADLife

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The Magic practice is based on the book by Rhonda Byrne. It is a 28-day practice.

I will be posting the instruction for each day every day. These are exactly as mentioned in the book.  This information has been taken from the online source.

Frequently Asked Question for IADLife activity THE MAGIC PRACTICE by Rhonda Bryne

Q. Are we doing the practice individually and not in the group?
A. You do them individually. Information is shared in the group. Questions will be answered in the group. If you have personal Qs please message me (Reena) separately.
Q. Can we manifest for others?
A. Manifestation is coming true.

Each one of you is constantly presented with an opportunity to participate in the manifestation of someone else’s dream too. You pray and affirm for others. With the prayers and affirmation comes the possibility of the responsibility of taking up the follow-up action for you.

And when the desires are coming true, receiving is entirely up to the discretion and willingness of the one who you have prayed for.

On Day-24 you will get the guidelines in the form of exercise how to manifest desires for others.
As a person who cares you can just do your part.

However, charity begins at home. Bring your desires to fruition to motivate yourself to ask for more. Day 24 you will get the guidelines in the form of exercise how to do that.

Q. Are the blessing same for tomorrow or different?
A. Blessings for which you could be grateful for could be the same. But if you could find something different then, it’s a great practice to find more in what you already have.
Q. What is a magic rock?
A. It is any rock that is small and smooth and fits in palm of your hand. That is yours and u do not share it.

Q. What is a magic practice?
A. Magic practice is learning, saying and getting into the practice of saying ‘Thank You’ in your mind or out-loud for all your blessings.
Q. Can a gem stone be used as Magic Rock?
A. Yes it can be used.
Q. For Day 3 because getting a soft copy and is easier to carry around whole day too, can we use photos from mobile as well?
A. Yes mobile pictures are fine. However having the copy of picture is the reminder of the exercise. Where as the mobile pictures are the other way around. U need to remember to open them.

U could carry a post-it that says day 3 – relationships, that would be a reminder for u to open the pic in the mobile. Win-win I would say.

Q. What is a the magic dollar bill?
A. Any currency note of your country or your favourite currency note.
Q. What is a recommendation letter and how to write it? [IADLife Original]
A. Think of something or some relationship (or part) that you want or you wish to change. Start writing about this as if you are recommending to yourself. You could start with five points, that’s it.
Q. Day 3, what are the relationships that can be focussed on?
A. While you look for external relationships you could also remember that your most important relationship is with your inner self, place from where you hear most resistance.

How is your connection with your Source, God, Angels, Guardian Angel?
How about affirming for a relationship that has yet to happen, colleagues you have not met, a job that you have not acquired, new man/ woman, another new association?
How about your relationship with your home, money, food, life, beliefs?
Many will be covered as you move forward but these are some points to think on.

An affirmation that would be general and common for all the points:

“Day by day my relationship with……… is getting better and better in every way.”

“Day by day in every way my relationship with ……… is getting better and better.”

Q. On day 19, 100 magical footsteps is to be covered in one session or in whole day?
A. you can cover your 100steps within the day. So, you can say thank you-thank you to each step. According to the Magic book it takes 90 secs for you to complete and for you to know that 100 steps r covered.A. you can cover your 100steps within the day. So, you can say thank you-thank you to each step. According to the Magic book it takes 90 secs for you to complete and for you to know that 100 steps r covered.To motivate you further to complete today’s activity here is something you can consider. [IADLife original]

1.               1. Visualise a dream or desire. 2. Get clear about it. 3. Make a pact with yourself that the dream is sanctioned for you. It’s done. It’s a YES from the Universe. 4. Now agree that your dream/desire is just 100 steps away. 5. When you r taking those 100 steps say ‘thank you’, knowing that’s you r saying ‘thank you’, to that YES while receiving.

2.             6. Every step takes you closer to the manifestation. 7.When you finish say a final THANK YOU for the completion of your journey to your desire and say one more THANK YOU for receiving.

3.            Most important, do not double guess, cross question or show self-doubt.

4.           Get on with your next engagement. Possibly start by hydrating yourself with your favourite beverage.

Best wishes let’s keep taking the magic steps and keep moving forward.

Q. This is a WhatsApp activity, so how to take a print out of the Day 17 Magic Check?
A. Print directly through phone, if you have printer installed in your computers. You could send it to your computer through email. Alternatively, access WhatsApp through and access the check picture and print. In case your printer is not working, then can you take it in flash drive and print it from outside, like computer café or access your email from there and take print out.
Note from Reena Yadav
I encourage everyone to participate please.
Write gratitude in your present life situations.
Very effective. This is interactive and needs good participation so please guys reply each day.
Please keep your posts connected to gratitude
Remember to celebrate each achievement.
When you show or express gratitude for all that you desire to have and not have achieved yet, you start creating high energy in that area and thus manifest what you are asking for.
Some tips for the Magic practice
Pre-preparation of the GRATITUDE practice.

1. 10 desires (or few) have been listed.

1. Have you made the list of desires? Have they changed from before? Changes happen because some manifest. And for others you gain deeper clarity. So today make a list of 10 new desires. They could be the new version of the earlier desires?
When you are writing them, note and write your feelings that surface. It could tickle you or frustrate you. Make a note.
When you think of your desires they have to give you absolute and complete pleasure.
If you are not there with your desires then, you will get there after or during the gratitude practice.

2. Adjectives to insert in the outcome of your desire that has been chosen. Desires have to be re-written.
2. Awesome. Wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. Stupendous. Fun. Enjoy. Happy. Beautiful. Best. Perfect. Good.
These are adjectives. Make a list of 10 or more ADJECTIVES that are your favourite and that makes you feel good and raises your vibration. ‘Favourite’, can also be used as one of the adjectives. Adjectives are the describing terms for the outcome of your desires, that you seek. When you are making a list of these words, keep your attention towards how you FEEL when you think, write or say them.
You may not connect with some terms/words that are known and frequently used. While with something lesser known to you and that gives you a chance to visit your dictionary, may connect with you instantaneously.
The reason for such a connection or the lack of it has to do with its meaning in your space.
So till you can make the changes in the meaning, make the list of words that agrees with you. Write down the words that make you smile.

Now insert these words in the desire list that you have created/listed yesterday.
Some more examples from the participants for your perusal:
Rashmi : Amazing. Lovely. Happy. Awesome. Grateful. Glad. Super. Fabulous
Shruthi : Beautiful. Fit. Wealthy. Accomplished. Centered. Stable. Excited. Joyful. Successful. Beloved.
Geetha: Awesome. Mind blowing. Lovely. Beautiful.
Manasa : Superb. Lovely. Amazing. Fantastic. Beautiful. Awesome. Thankful. Great. Enjoy.
Suparna : Fantastic. Elated. Relieved. Excited. Super. Successful. Grateful. Energised. Lucky. Satisfied. Peaceful

3. Intention has been set.
3. Setting the intention is like deciding on the outcome.
I am setting the intention for me and for the group. Because you know I am ‘in charge.’
Decide on the intention that you wish to set. My intention for the group during/in this IADLife activity is that “May each participant have at least two of their most favorite desires come true during the gratitude practice.”
That is one type of intention that you can set. You can decide that, ‘it is being fulfilled beautifully.’
You can decide that, ‘you will have the willingness to take the action that is suggested as a result of your affirmation.’
You can set an intention that, ‘the desires are manifesting in the best possible way for you.’

Sometimes there is a thin line that demarcates between the intention and the desire. Desires can be specific and intention can be general.

4. Buy a writing book and pen.
4. Today choose/buy a writing book. A nice one. An attractive one. One that calls out to you, appeals to you, one that you could connect with, one that gives you an impression of prosperity, one that is all yours, one that is so beautiful that you want to call it your own, one with beautiful wordings on it, well-spaced lines and smooth pages.

Also, today choose/buy a comfortable writing pen.


  • You can choose to write the gratitude of the previous day.
  • You can decide to write in the morning, afternoon, evening or all throughout the day. But every morning you read the gratitude list and say Thank you Thank you Thank you.
  • Look for the areas that are challenging or bothersome in your life and look for gratitude in that. If someone bugs you, irritates you, treats you badly, some meeting that goes wrong then, first acknowledge and vent out then look for the gratitude in it.
  • If you have more than 10 in gratitude list do continue writing them.
  • Keep an eye on the things you could list in the gratitude list all day long.
  • If by any chance in the day you are not able to write then say it in your mind or out-loud, ‘I am truly grateful for ……. because/as……

Testimonials In Interactions

Testimonials in Interactions contains the interaction during the gratitude practice, which included participants sharing their queries, feedbacks, and experiences, which was a testimonial in itself.

I replied to each query clarifying the doubts and acknowledged the comments. This was from the February 2018 participation.

Gratitude Activity Testimonials

Thank you Reena, Rashmi , IADLife and magic Practice group for this journey. I am feeling good in most of the aspects of my life. I am grateful for this magic practice. I would love to continue it further as well.


IADLife and Reena are part of my life since few years and all the healing modalities and help I have got and learnt are from Reena and through IADLife. I very grateful for all the support and guidance I have always got.

I was doing THE MAGIC practice before too and I am very glad I could do it in a group which was more effective and structured. I could see manifestations happening faster and of course Reena’s reminders have helped a lot to stay on track. Thank you so much for all the love and guidance Reena.

Rashmi Harish

Thank you Reena for a wonderful 28 day journey. Even though I didn’t follow or participate 100% I still received many amazing outcomes. In gratitude always.

Suparna Kapoor

I could feel the negative feelings changing into positives. When I thanked my self today to be having perseverance, truthfulness and dutiful I realized how harsh I was on myself earlier to this. And started feeling so much happier. I could feel all my cells turn happy. Gratitude paves the way for a happier brighter tomorrow. Those who practise gratitude will not face an impasse in life. Reena thank you for making the practice of gratitude structured in my life. Thank you thank you thank you.

Savita Gautum

Am thankful to reena for introducing this gratitude practice,Thank you,thank you,thank you.

During this practice,my daughter’s exams were going,I showed gratitude towards my daughter for she being my daughter and I said thank you,after that I saw something changed my feelings with me such that I was not getting anger towards her.v both had a very nice time preparing for exams.Thank you,thank you,thank you.

During exams I even told my daughter to show gratitude towards the books,her teacher’s and everyone who had helped her,she did ,I found out that after this the results what was expected was amazing,thank you reena,thank you thank you.


Thanks Reena for creating this whatsapp event. I have written gratitude for simplest things which I (and many) can take it for granted. But then next moment or next day certain magical things happened that I can’t stop writing in my gratitude notes.

I used to get interview calls. I know I am looking for something better than what that opportunity is offering. But I went and wrote thanks in my book for giving me that opportunity. But while writing I wished what if I get a similar interview call letter from my dream companies. And next day I started getting calls from my dream companies. Like was in many areas of my life I am seeing changes.

And also I am doing certain online courses which are tough to complete. Then I started writing thanks atleast for 1 hour I could go through the course and learnt something. Like was for every next successful hour I wrote thanks. And I could complete few of my courses successfully. Now I am thankful that I gained more knowledge after all completion which can attract more better opportunities for me.

Every small thing when we appreciate it will create bigger bigger and better things in our life’s. That what I understood through this process. The ocean is made up of tiny droplets of water.


Thank you Reena for putting us all in a positive frame of mind n gratitude is helping us stay there.


Thank you Reena for this. Whichever day I did it I noticed a big positive shift in myself. But I wasn’t consistent. Will join the new group and start again.

Lakshmi Ashwin

Thank you Reena for your wonderful guidance and support to complete the 28 days magic practice. Even though I can’t complete all days with perfection. But i noted all days practice in my dairy and in my mind as I can.surely I will do it.


Dear Reena, I enjoyed the session for almost 2 months. Thank you Reena and IADLife for your effort. I would lke to join this group in future activities. Thank you.

Usha Ramchandran

And saying thank you is coming so easily.. Like the brain is on autopilot mode.


Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire.1st item in my desire list got materialised yday. My happiness is changing to a different direction. I am enjoying every moment of gratitude. Could spread positivity. People around me are also changing.

Thanks to IADLife and Reena and Usha who introduced me to this. I want to stay hooked to this wonderful Gratitude programme. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. God bless you all.

Raji Divakar

I want to share something really magical happened. On magic cheque day I was really so lazy to print the cheque so I didn’t. But yesterday I felt like printing few cheques. I printed many but I wrote 3 yday and 3 today. Amounts considerably big. They all got manifested now. I am not going to a job but this amount is with my own effort only and genuine way I got it.


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