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IADLife is sincerely welcoming people from various areas to collaborate in a mutually compatible capacity.

Please share with us about you. We have formed some questions for us to understand your intentions better and also to help you set them more clearly.

Please go through our questions to let us know how can IADLife and your association be mutually beneficial.

If you have more to say please do write to us along with the answers to the questions by email ( or message on WhatsApp (+91 9886077034).

  • What kind of Services would you like to provide under IADLife?
  • What kind(s) of work do you want to do while in collaboration with IADLife?
  • How many hours in a week can you work with or in IADLife?
  • What Kind of remuneration would be satisfactory and motivating for you while you do that?
  • What are you other expectations from IADLife?
  • What kind of office arrangement would be conducive to your working most efficiently?
  • What office hours are most suitable for you to work and interact?
  • Please share with us in brief what about IADLife motivates you to work with IADLife?
  • What is your plan in life in next three years?
  • What more would you like to share?

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