De – clutter my life part I had many aha moments for me. From seemingly simple statements like ‘I want to declutter my home’, very insightful revelations about my life had been drawn. The experience brought forgiveness in relationships gave tools to move forward and tips to declutter. The step by step personal guidance was very enriching and enlightening.The pointed questions Reena had put in helped reach the right places of my unconscious mind and helped me understand myself better.

Thank you, Reena. You are awesome.

(Daisy Ibraham)

Biggest realization about this workshop was “self love is always main ingredient and what we experience/ what comes along is like cherry on the cake”.

Being a mommy to be, it was difficult for me to accept and take the responsibility. But I realized it’s a blessing and I have abundance in form of baby 🙂 being a mom is not a break for everything but a new start for all with a life long companion.

I would thank IADLife for extending the support and making me understand and feel the happiness so that I can enjoy my pregnancy now.

(Rashmi Harish)

“It was simply out of the world experience I am yet to come out of it thanks a lot.” (Azma, Participant)

“I noticed that issues had changed, people had moved on wanted to look for solution for other areas (solutions for earlier situations were met). That’s growth. What say u!” (IADLife, organizer)

“Just few pointers for motivation. It’s extremely useful in solving and removing blockages and resistance and un-forgiveness. (to name a few).” (IADLife, organizer)

“It was amazingly smooth. We were given an opportunity to know our personality types, and we progressed accordingly at our pace. We have great reviews and solutions were visible. Just wanted to share with you to allay any fear regarding the regression.” (IADLife, organizer)

“For me PLR Workshop was awesome. .. got solutions to many of my unexplained problems. .. Thanks Reena for arranging this workshop on a week day. …” (Priyashree KrishnaPrasad, Participant)

Thinking right and positively through ‪‎affirmations‬ works like magic. This has been my latest realization. I am thankful to my dear friend and life coach, Reena Yadav in helping me wish for, think and say the right things in life. That has helped me wade through challenges and multitask efficiently in my present situation.

Reena has an impressive ability to delayer situations, get to the crux of the underlying cause and liberate one from that binding problem forever however small or big that may be. Kudos to you Reena Yadav and IADLife for the amazing work you have done towards bringing positive changes in many a lives, including mine.

Dr. Mrs Lakshmi Ramchandran (Scientist, Author ‘Roomies Foodies’)

Am very thankful to you, my healer & angel for which am able to handle many things peacefully. I have seen positive changes at home as well in business also.

Mrs. Geetha Chiniwalar (Finance Assistant, Entrepreneur)

I came into IADLife only hoping to just remove the unwanted anger that i was dealing with. This anger had ruined the peace in my home..kids were looking lost… Husband confused..After a few sessions with Reena Yadav i realized the reason for my anger i healed the necessary internal wounds. After all that and much more today i proudly and boldly present to u I Mrs. Pavithra Arun happily living a married life with Mr. Arun and am a mother of two kids and top it all Im successfully running a restaurant at Chennai.

IADLife has not just changed my pattern of living but I have learnt to maintain a good inter and intra personal relationship,so, inturn this has also brought changes in the upbringing of my kids who are now much bolder and confident.
I would only wish and pray that all who need help make their effort in reaching up to IADLife rest all is just history.

I choose IADLife cause my life – \\”its a deserving life\\” i need to give myself.

Thank you all

(Mrs.Pavithra Arun)

“Thank You so much for starting IADLife. I hope people will benefit a lot from IADLife. I enjoyed learning the science behind being happy and “Deserving all good” from you. This is an awesome experience and I wish more and more people get healing solutions from IADLife and from “YOU”. “T @ T6″ is superb. Thank you once again for changing my life and thinking :)”

(Regarding IADLife, Priyashree K, software Engineer (Grey Tips) & Online trader)

“The most significant has been that whenever I have started to get negative thoughts or find myself in negative situations, I just put in a word to the Archangel,Michael to remove all the negativity out of me and cut the cords of negativity. The result is immediate and I get into a better frame of mind, right away.

Doing this regularly, has also made me more aware of my thoughts now. This has been a significant blessing because, off late, I have been going through some dramatic changes on the career front.”

“I just want to inform you that the workshop has brought about miracles in my life. Now every small thing in my life I take guidance from my guardian angel and it instills confidence and hope in me.”

(Angel Therapy Workshop Nov13, Noopura sundaresh, PhD student, Phsycology)

“It’s a new way of life. One should try to imbibe these new teachings in their life and see miraculous changes happening”

(Life Coaching/Counselling, Veda Takle Yadav, MBA)

“All these years of my life, was a strange recurrent coincidence which I never gave much thought to . I was either studying(entire schooling n college) or boarding(all hostels) or working(11 yrs) in Catholic institutions. My family would pull my leg, during my maiden days, that all this exposure is one day going to turn me into a nun. Though this consistent association with Catholic institutions did not sway me towards Christianity or Catholicity one bit, I never had any unpleasantness too. In fact, I felt at home in each of these places, being accepted, loved and taken care of, in a general sense. They were second homes which filled the gaps left in my growing years.”

“One of the sessions with Ms Rama Awasthi unintentionally threw up a vision of Mother Mary, such unlikely occurance that I had to blurt out about this immovable image of the Mother in my mind.

It was for me a momentous decision to talk about, coming from someone who did not believe in saints and divinity in human beings. To me divinity was all out far away, invisible, inaccessible and a lot better less thought of .

If I were not in Ms Awasthi’s session, who had managed to open up my heart, I would have dismissed it as a stray visual randomly picked by my brain. But, the unusual happened. I opened my eyes and spoke about what I saw. And Ms Awasthi told rather lightly that I may be guided by Mother Mary.

Those words turned the world around for me. After the initial reluctance and skepticism wore off, I began to feel, a lot of love than my eyes could hold back. So many things made sense, many of the dots joined together showing me years of protection and guidance. This was two years back.

A tectonic shift in my belief system ensued. So much crumbled, so many sprouted. Today, I am able to appreciate the divinity in the people I meet, open to so many varied experiences, finding another self within guided by the heart more than the head.

Today, my immediate neighbours are Catholic and every day, as I walk out, I see Mother outside the Chapel adjacent to the building I live now. The coincidence,…no, the miracle still continues.”

(Angel Therapy Workshop Jan 14, Meera Ruxana, Masters in (Disability)Rehabilitation and Masters in Psychology. Lecturer in psychology)

This was the third time I attended De-cluttering workshop conducted by IADLife. Though it was the same workshop, I had a very different experience in all the three and a set of new learnings each time. First time when I attended, I made a vision board in which I wanted to manifest a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 mobile. Amazingly I got it on the third day after I completed my vision board. Second time also I was able to manifest most of the wishes from the vision board. Thank you Reena Yadav and IADLife for conducting such wonderful workshops, to make my life really awesome, fun and amazing.

(Priya Shree)

“PLR gave deep insights into my own self….brought out aspects previously unaware…..it was a subtle shift to awareness that brought me closer to wisdom n acceptance” (Meera Ruxana, Participant)

“Different participants had different experiences, some saw their life in scenes/movie, some in pictures, some had it symbolic. Regardless, each got relief, answers and/or felt light after the workshop. It was amazing and helps us be open to the mysteries of the world. Solutions are visible when one is open to seeing it. I can see clearly now. Atleast I am willing.” (IADLife, organizer)

This was the third time I attended De-cluttering workshop conducted by IADLife. Though it was the same workshop, I had a very different experience in all the three and a set of new learning’s each time. First time when I attended, I made a vision board in which I wanted to manifest a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 mobile.

Amazingly I got it on the third day after I completed my vision board. Second time also I was able to manifest most of the wishes from the vision board. Thank you Reena Yadav and IADLife for conducting such wonderful workshops, to make my life really awesome, fun and amazing.

(Priyashree Krishnaprasad)

“After attending the Angel Therapy Workshop, I have taken the assistance of not only my Guardian Angels, but also from the Archangels. So there have been many instances, where I have benefited.”

“Working with the Angels has brought a fresh perspective to my life. Understandably, there was some amount of initial skepticism and the concepts need some time to sink in, especially for someone like me, who is allergic to all forms of organised religion, but once you start trusting it, it adds a completely new level to your life.”

(Angel Therapy Workshop Nov13, Ravish Suvarna, IT professional)

”I attended the Angel Therapy Workshop last month. From that day, I started to experiment on the concept and the results which I got were not experienced earlier in my entire life. Whenever I asked the angels, my wish came true. This has never happened in my life before. All the incidents which came true, may look like coincidence but I know it happened only because I asked the angels to do it.

There are so many small small wishes which came true that it will take a whole page to list them.I am getting signs from angels too, like I had an animation movie called “The rise of the Guardian” in my computer long back but I accidentally saw the movie only after coming from the workshop. You should watch it too.

After the workshop, so many times I got the message as “BELIEVE”. {whenever i switched on the TV I got this saying}. A few days back I started thinking wheather angels are there or is it just a belief , after few minutes I saw 3 to 4 different type of wings in different channels of TV, I believe this was the sign from angels to believe in them. I believe in Angels and I know they are there to help us. I hope I will see them soon.”

(Angel Therapy Workshop Nov13, Namratha Suvarna, Home Maker)

“This workshop was a real clear vision of my future life. The sessions with you earlier helped me connect to my past and present. This session helped me connect my present and future life. I felt it was relaxing and more clear about many matters or conditions of life”

(Workshop for De-Cluttering, Shruthi, Engineer)

“IAD Life has empowered me to appreciate my life and live it to it’s fullest. The life coaching sessions at IADLife has enhanced the quality of my life and I feel very confident, clear and contend. I have been coached to think right and as a result I am free of negative thoughts. I appreciate their prompt service rendered to me although I reside outside of India, in Singapore. I highly recommend IAD Life to anyone who wants to see self-growth and achieve peace and happiness- the key determinants of a successful life.”

(Life Coaching/Counselling, Lakshmi Ramchandran PhD, Scientist, Singapore)

“IADLife is doing a great job. IADLife will truly gift u a deserving life. It will make your life a happier place to live in. Thank u Reena!!”

(Regarding IADLife, Shruthi M, Engineer & Diamond Jewellery Designer Aspirant)

“My mother and my parental house were given pranic healing. We noticed that my mother had started opening up and voicing for the 1st time in her life, having clarity in what she wanted in her life, her gall bladder stones reduced. In the house we noticed that the house was de-cluttering and lots of unnecessary things were collected to leave the house.”

(Pranic Healing, Mrs Aparna, Home maker)

“I did not quite understand initially how does your guiding angels help connect to you? Or How will you understand that it is the message from the Angel itself and not your ‘screaming’ mind. From very next day of that fortunate and blessed day, miracles started happening.

Events, that could easily pass off as coincidences to any skeptical mind. Incident1 : On diwali I was alone and had this urge of eating sweets. I knew there was no way that I could do that. So the request was forwarded to my angel. I went for my dinner as usual, no sweets. There were some people I knew standing outside, we wished each other, still no sweets.

I was giving up, then a clear voice told me to go to the shop and have icecream..Icecream? I wanted sweets..anyways I went to the shop and reluctantly asked for icecream, she got me icecream and before I go from there, a sweet box came from nowhere and she offered sweets. I laughed. There are many more, every time reminding that I am not alone. And I have used this very effectively for talking to guiding angels of others. I make sure that I am always connected to him.”

(Angel Therapy Workshop Nov13 & Jan14, Tabassum Varma, Senior Program Manager, THOTS)

“It was a calm session. The matter that was discussed itself was so important and special for any mother. I found it very helpful for me to nurture my kid in a very right way and also, help my kid to be respected person in her life”

(Workshop for Parents, Lavnya , Accounts)

“I think the workshop allows us to being in touch with our own personality and concentrate on what we really and specifically, “WANT” in our life.”

(Workshops, Venkatesh B)

“I really enjoyed this workshop. It has been very interesting and fun. I actually am taking back something new and thank you for the love and attention that we all have got”

(Workshop, Anusha, Student)

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