Good Luck and best wishes for your creative ventures. All is well. It’s a smooth sail ahead. Start today.

What is consultation?

In a consultation we include DISCUSSION, support in STRATEGIZING and provision of COUNSELLING and WORKSHOPS.

How would consultation vary from counselling?

Consultation is a form of counselling where the emphasis is in understanding, creating a structure for the company, program or project and assessing possible results. Many aspects of counselling are applied here, but only according to the need of the process.

Some of them include setting aim, intentions and goals, recognising and removing of possible resistance and clearing blockages, customization affirmations, knowing and recognising the obvious and subtle resources, knowing and recognising the obvious and not-so-obvious requirements.

Example of Project Consultation.

(Step A) Creating a Plan.

The very first step is creating a plan as explained in the flow chart. 

(B) Forming and customizing affirmation.

(C) Vizualization. You and all other involved will be taken through the visualization process.

Some important points:

(a) Energy is one of the important resources that is a mandatory requirement in any work. Therefore, understanding this topic is very essential.

(b) Having a plan has it’s perks. It tells you that you are on the right track. But there is a choice. Plans can be stringent and flexible, all according to the greater good of the priority – people or project.

(c) Most motivating aspect of the project is moving forward. How far has the project come? Where and how was the project at the starting point?

(d) Each project will be customised under the consultation-expert guidance.

(e) When mutually agreed upon, there will be timely and intermittent support from the consultation-expert. Frequency of the support can be discussed and agreed upon.

(f) Many other lucrative aspects of life that contribute to the smooth functioning of life will be explained in detail. For example, significance and the process of gratitude expressing, affirmations and visualization.

(g) Techniques to deal with stress and that help you see the light in an untoward situation, unexplained mishaps, losses or a sudden block.

(h) Celebration is an important aspect of every milestone. Meaning, significance and ways of celebration is taught.

(i) Taking help from experts is a certain way to acquire smooth and speedy a way forward in your work.


Homemakers TOO.

How to book a IADLife consultation-expert?

(a) Call us at the IADLife Landline +91-80-42188074 or WhatsApp us at +91-9886077034 to book an appointment.

(b) Share with the personnel the brief idea about the help/support you are looking for.

(c) Specify if you wish to have the consultation onsite, video call or over the phone.

(d) Talk to the consultant over the phone and align a meeting time.

Good Luck and best wishes for your creative ventures. All is well. It’s a smooth sail ahead. Start today.

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