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Corporate and Individuals: IADLife services are provided to corporates and individuals. The link provides an idea of what kind of services can be provided to them as a corporate, individual and even to an individual from corporate. People from all walks of life, all age groups come to IADLife to seek solutions. All are welcome.

Consultation: This is a strategy based discussion and applies to anyone who is carrying out a project either at home or outside.

Pranic Healing: IADLife provides distant energy healing as sessions and also organises the training programs for the international certification courses of pranic healing for all three levels.

EFT / Tapping: IADLife teaches tapping in workshops. We also use this method as part of the counselling.

Mirror Work: IADLife has special heart shaped mirror to teach this method of healing. The heart shape of the mirror is to remind you to love yourself when you are going through this healing process as it can be difficult. We have also explained the scientific reason behind the mirror work. IADLife teaches mirror-work in workshops. We also use this method as part of the counselling.

IADLife Workshops and Training: IADLife conducts workshops, trainings and discussions on various topics. The topics are decided by us or is customised according to interested party. New topics are added regularly and clients are always promoted to suggest and request for topics of their interest and need.

Gratitude Practice: This is a very important program that IADLife conducts over whatsapp, as workshop and as part of the counselling. It is all about gratitude and how to apply it in your everyday life.

Every service offered by IADLife has super amazing results. It is important that you register for the sessions or workshops and make best use of it. We are at your service.

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