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‘​Both counselling and Life Coaching are one on one with the experts for the individual, couple or group – like a family or team.’

Counselling is short time, timely, situation’al’ and can give an option of booking 1 session at a time.

LIFE COACHING: Life Coaching is fixed for few sessions for a period of time, to solve, guide and as support for Life experiences and situations. It’s economical and useful for the long run.

TRAINING: Learning the tools and techniques and science behind specific healing area. These training equip you to be professional in healing field. This helps in learning and self-healing and healing of others.

CONSULTATION: With the expertise and the knowledge base we have, we can provide consultation in business plan and scientific research.

FOR CORPORATES: We aim and intend to provide a wholesome guidance, which reflects in the Services provided and Workshops suggested by us. We suggest the empowering for the employees and the management in a way that it brings them closer and opens the communication. Thus, creating a grateful and productive environment that is beneficial to all parties involved. Each corporate is unique and therefore we maintain process designed and customized for the company information and is provided on request.

WORKSHOPS: Workshops are one or more days, where you learn in group about the healing method and how it may be, if you choose used in self-healing. This is an interactive forum where you get to talk to the trainer and can get all your questions answered.

RESEARCH: Research has information on our revelations that has arisen from our studies and interactions and various areas we are expanding and exploring. We aim to bring a composite understanding of the various healing fields and see how it can be combined. Moving forward is the only way forward.

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