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Aim and Intention of IADLife : IADLife collaborates with scientists and healers and spiritual leaders world wide,to get the required solutions, for the situations related to mind, body,heart and soul. These solutions are imparted in the form of workshops,training, discussions and counselling

You have a question on ‘what’ is happening in your life, we will get you the answer on the ‘why’. The ever increasing knowledge, pouring into the ocean of information about this field, has been teaching us that there is always a ‘why’ to a ‘what’ in our lives. As long as one has the willingness to understand, this science has an explanation.

We at IADLife are here to tell you and show you that, It’s indeed A DESERVING Life, and that you deserve all good.


Dear Friend! at IADLife we provide counselling in Amputee/amputation counselling, Handicapped counselling,
Disabled/disability counselling.

If you know of anyone, who can use this support, please direct them to Contact Us

Counselling is available over phone, in person, Skype. Thank You.

Please let’s join this like-minded people forum to heal, change, grow and /or enhance our lives.

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