IADLife Next Chapters (Current/Previous): At IADLife we study, we learn and we have our indigenous findings. These indigenous findings are what we share here. These are very interesting. Every time there is a finding or a new leaning we are very excited to share with you as these explanations are healing solutions. Whenever there is life situation that have need of healing, understanding it, is the major work. These indigenous findings, caters to do exactly that. Happy reading and understanding! https://iadlife-com.dxpsites.net/iadlife-next-chapter/

IADLife Sayings and Sharing: Every time there a new revelation, it is presented as a new IADLife saying and is shared as a post here. https://iadlife-com.dxpsites.net/iadlife-sayings-and-sharings/

IADLife Articles: All the findings, revelations and learning are explained in detail and placed on our blog post (link: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/ ). This page informs us of the topics for which detailed explanations are available. This page also contains link to those articles. https://iadlife-com.dxpsites.net/iadlife-articles/


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