Research has information on our revelations that has come forth from our studies and interactions and various areas we are expanding and exploring. We aim to bring a composite understanding of the various healing fields and see how it can be combined. Moving forward is the only way forward in human science.

Human Science

Human Science is the term coined by the us at IADLife, which is defined as the area of study that gives healing solutions for the human mind, body, heart and soul, by various scientists all over the world. Our studies and findings are reflected in IADLife sayings and sharings and shared in internal IADLife workshops like [email protected]

IADLife Research, from its indigenous findings and internal discussions are shared in the form of IADLife Sayings and Sharing, details of some of which is also read in IADLife Articles, are shared in the form of IADLife Posts. We share our views and discussions and points in the form of write ups some detail and post it over the Blog. The links along with the article topics, will take you there.

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