EFT or Tapping

EFT is an acronym Emotional Freedom Technique. It is commonly known as tapping. This technique is a touch therapy based on the understanding, process and science of Chinese Acupressure and Human Psychology.  

Interesting and important features and facts about EFT
  • Tapping/EFT is a healing solution for any and every area and situation in your life. It has been reported to heal severest form of physical manifestation of diseases and also mild muscle pull.
  • EFT addresses issues and life situations like stress, tension, addiction, fatigue, confusion, sadness, and pain.
  • EFT extracts results in adamant life situations that persist even though you have tried other means like affirmations, medical consultation and procedures, other non-conventional healing techniques, Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui.
  • Unexplained life situations like, pattern repetition, blockages in jobs and relationships,
    Unexplained health situations like,  persistent pain without any medical explanation have been found to be cleared through use of EFT.
  • EFT helps understand and manage emotions better. Understanding fear, frustration and irritation and even happiness.
  • EFT has been found to be very effective in anger management.
  • EFT has been found to be very necessary in ‘the whirlpool effect of low vibration thinking.’
  • EFT helps you pull yourself out of the negative or non-productive thinking and convert your mood into something that will be in your favour. 
EFT at IADLife

At IADLife the technique of EFT is used as a part of a counselling session and workshop.  

  • EFT/Tapping can ALSO be taken as separate session when requested by the client. Here the client is trained on the process of tapping whilst solving their life situation(s). 
  • EFT/Tapping as part of Counselling sessions
    During a counselling session, tapping is suggested and taught. It is used as investigative tool to get to the causative source of the life situation. EFT is also used as healing method to heal the situation. 
  • Workshops on EFT/Tapping in detail. Solving onsite case studies that are shared.  
    1. Pressure points to tap.
    2. How to tap?
    3. When to tap?
    4. Possible do’s and dont’s of tapping.
    5. Applications of tapping.
Important tips to carry out EFT/Tapping.
  • Find time and dedicate time to do the tapping. Do not stop half way.
  • Always finish your last round of tapping with affirmation or prayer.
  • Support your arm that is being used to carry out the EFT/Tapping. Use a pillow or a micro-bead granules pillow to support your arm. This is optional, but highly recommended for EFT/tapping that would take longer.
  • Wash your fingers before doing tapping. If you eat with your hand and your hands are not washed then the spices on the fingers might burn the skin were the pressure points are.

When you are tapping, tap with feather touch. That is adequate. Be gentle on your arms while during karate chop tapping.

How does tapping work?

Tapping works in the same lines as the healing process. Pain reduces. Blockages crumble. Resistance diffuses. There is more clarity in viewing the solutions that require your action and willingness in accepting your solutions.

All this is possible because EFT/tapping lowers the stress and tension causing thoughts and memories. These directly control the emotions. All of the emotions along with these memories are stored in a small organ called amygdala.

The amygdala (Latin, corpus amygdaloideum) is an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe. Amygdala has been shown to play a key role in the processing of emotions.

Amygdala is a storage centre of emotions, especially of all the traumas, hurts and fears.

Incidents that have occurred in your life and have impacted you adversely. Some you may consciously remember as the incident or event, some you may have recollection of the feeling and some you may have dismissed as you did not know that it had unfavourable impact.

When it’s time to be release past hurts then, your life takes your attention to the life situations that you wish to change.

Tapping helps in surfacing the memory or memories, releasing of which will actually cause the change.    

Tapping helps surface those incidents so that you acknowledge and release them along with the emotions attached to them. It is not to deny, condone or justify what has happened but to help you live a life beyond that and thrive.  

It is true that your words have power in your space. Therefore saying what you actually want to say about yourself or your life, can sound like criticism. The concern is that it might become your affirmation and may come true. Tapping is the only method that gives you an outlet for those words and feelings.

This method is most effective mainly because in the process there are two steps where you affirm wonderful welfare words for yourself. And that is your relief. That is your final affirmation.

Method and steps involved in Tapping.
  1. Set an intention for the tapping process, sitting or session. What would you like to achieve at the end of this.
    2. What is the number of the pain, hurt, confusion or stress. 0 being the least and 10 being the highest. You can note any sensations in the body. Color and feelings are also parameters that can be used for the change.
    3. Tapping points are on the side of the hand, few places on the face, collar bone, under the arm, and top of the head, as seen in the picture. 
    4. You start with the three set up statements. This is done by tapping at the Karate chop position. Each statement is divided into two parts.
    (a)The first part of the statement is the part where you talk about what is bothering you. Here you have an opportunity to vent out and describe the hurt.
    (b)The second part of the statement is a reassuring and soothing. The words need to express complete self-acceptance despite the situation.
    5. Then in the first round of tapping start talking about your situation that you wish to heal. Talk as if you are talking to your friend.
    6. Notice how the number and feelings set in 2. changes.
    7. Continue with the process till you reach 0.
    8. The last round of tapping has to be the set statements that indicate what you really want and affirm.

It is a great idea to journal your EFT/tapping sessions. This helps you in reviewing your tapping sessions, checking how far you have come, and have reference for further tapping-healing sessions.

Please remember:

  • Be regular with your EFT/tapping sessions.
  • Use it for small issues or continuing issues.
    If you feel like giving up. Stop. But do come back. You could choose any one or two tapping points that you are comfortable tapping and continue.
  • Many a times you may not want to say but feel and express with emotions then, again choose a tapping point that you are comfortable tapping and feel your feelings and notice them change. At any point if you wish to switch to talking you can do that too.

IADLife Case studies

EFT/tapping  has been found to reduce stage fear, anxiety, size of tumour, and any other major or minor disorders in the body functions.

Take help from a professional, learn, practice and apply.

These are brief description created by Reena Yadav from IADLife. This information is enough to get you started.

This field has vast and plethora of information that can be attained from other sources.

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