De Clutter Workshop

De-Cluttering to Create

15th July – De-Clutter Your Life Part I: Clearing the Space.

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  • What is a Clutter!
  • Types of Clutter –
    • Relationships
    • Career/Professional
    • Health
    • Finance
    • Self-Growth
    • Areas at home/office/car/other spaces
  • Affirmations
  • Creating Visions for future

Previous Dates: 12th December 2013, January 2014.

Workshop for the Parents

Parent’s Workshop 17thFeb16
Topics covered during the workshop :: What will parents learn in the workshop

  1. Harmony between parents and children
  2. Recognizing and bringing children’s potentials at its best
  3. Keeping the children safe from psycho-somatic diseases . These diseases e.g. Insomnia, Panic attacks, anger, heart problems etc. surface after the age of 35 but they start taking roots at very early age
  4. Tips for diverting children’s mind from gadgets . Many parents seek therapy because their children spend hours on ipad, laptop and mobiles.
  5. Tips to help hyper-active children

Angel Therapy Workshop
Topics covered during the workshop

  • All about Angels
  • How to receive guidance from Angels on daily basis
  • Guided visualization to meet your guardian Angel
  • Ways to receive Divine guidance
  • Healing yourself and others with the Angels
  • Demonstration (therapy)

Manifestation Workshop
Topics covered during the workshop

  • How to identify the wish we want to manifest
  • Knowing about the true nature of the wish
  • Creating synchronicity between
  • WISH and the UNIVERSE
  • Finally creating vibration for manifesting it

Previous Dates : 30th March 2014

Past Life Regression

Part I-22nd Sun June and Part II-6th Sun July
Part I-19th Thur June and Part II – 7th Mon July
Part I- on 7th. Dec Sun June and Part II – 21st Dec Sun

PLR contributes in Understanding and solving

Unexplained mysteries, blockages in Health, Money, Relationships

Recurring dreams
Purpose of Life
Physical and Emotional Pain
Unexplained Phobias

Testimonials and Statements from Organizer and Participants

“It was amazingly smooth. We were given an opportunity to know our personality types, and we progressed accordingly at our pace. We have great reviews and solutions were visible. Just wanted to share with you to allay any fear regarding the regression.” (IADLife, organizer)

“For me PLR Workshop was awesome. .. got solutions to many of my unexplained problems. .. Thanks Reena for arranging this workshop on a week day. …” (Priyashree KrishnaPrasad, Participant)

“PLR gave deep insights into my own self….brought out aspects previously unaware… was a subtle shift to awareness that brought me closer to wisdom n acceptance” (Meera Ruxana, Participant)

“Different participants had different experiences, some saw their life in scenes/movie, some in pictures, some had it symbolic. Regardless, each got relief, answers and/or felt light after the workshop. It was amazing and helps us be open to the mysteries of the world. Solutions are visible when one is open to seeing it. I can see clearly now. Atleast I am willing.” (IADLife, organizer)

“It was simply out of the world experience I am yet to come out of it thanks a lot.” ( Azma, Participant)

“I noticed that issues had changed, people had moved on wanted to look for solution for other areas (solutions for earlier situations were met). That’s growth. What say u! ” (IADLife, organizer)

“Just few pointers for motivation. It’s extremely useful in solving and removing blockages and resistance and un-forgiveness. (to name a few).” (IADLife, organizer)

Workshop On Relationship
Topics covered during the workshop

  • Are you in relationship that you think is WRONG for you?
  • Is that pushing you into WHIRLPOOL OF CONFUSION and bad feelings?
  • Is this pushing you into feeling WORTHLESS ?
  • Is this pushing you into QUESTIONING your decisions?



Previous date: 19th Nov 2014

Inner Child Healing Workshop
  • Every person has a Inner Child within…that has been carrying beliefs that was stored during the early years….these are dictating your present life situations…love, relationships, career, health, money, self-worth…and lot more
  • Inner child is the purest/clearest form of you, and all the answers you are seeking, can be sought from right there within you

Topics covered during the workshop

  • How to get in touch with your Inner child
  • How to get to know your Inner child
  • How to communicate with your Inner Child
  • How to have Inner Child on your side and have things flowing in your life joyously you all these answers and more in this workshop.

Heal Your Life Workshop
Brief information regarding the Workshop

IADLife is pleased to bring to you for the first time in Bangalore, 2 day “HEAL YOUR LIFE (R)” workshop.

This transformational workshop,Heal Your life (R) is based on teachings and philosophies of Louise L Hay.

To make the workshop more personalised and beneficial to you, we have come with a bonus only for you. Along with the workshop you get a bonus of two sessions * (before and after the workshop) with the Trainer only if you register before-hand.

* Bonus sessions: First session before the workshop is one on one, the second session is after the workshop in group(s). Both the session is over the telephone or over skype.

Topics and other information covered during the workshop

This workshop will help you achieve perfect health, financial abundance, loving relationships, a fulfilling career and much more by:

  • Loving yourself and others exactly the way they are
  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind
  • Releasing negative emotions & beliefs
  • Working with not only the body, mind and spirit but also, your emotions.

Previous Dates : 23rd and 24th August 2014

Creative Visualisation : Creatively Visualise Your Future
Topics and other information covered during the workshop

Chakra Cleansing/Healing
Topics covered during the workshop

  • Introduction of Chakras.
  • How are they connected to our mental,emotional and physical issues that we are facing in our everyday life
  • How to identify an issue with chakra (when the issues are not clear) and heal it.
  • Points to be remembered while doing self chakra healing
  • Meditation for chakra healing [You will be permitted to tape your meditation]

Workshop for Children / Students

Workshop for Children on 25th Thursday and 26th Friday 2 days half day workshop cost

Timings 10 am to 1 pm both days.

Topics for children’s workshop are as follows:

Day 1

  • Desires writing
  • Angel Therapy
  • EFT/ tapping
  • Life’s Essential LESSONS

Day 2

  • Affirmation Shower
  • Creating Vision Board

All the materials will be provided for.

Contact : 080-42188074, 9886077034,, 

  1. Workshop for Children : Studies, Learning, Information and Knowledge that is guaranteed to stay with Children for life
  2. Creating a wish book: For these wonderful people, to know what they really really want, and how to have it through the wish book.
  3. Appreciation Shower : Kind, soft, beautiful words that changes the vibration and thus brings out the best in the personality and life.
  4. De Clutter Your Life : Clear Space in physical space and every other area, and learn how this brings prosperity in the life.

Topics covered during the workshop:Your Thoughts and Words Matter

Explanation in Brief (points):

  • Topic covers the what are thoughts, concept about thoughts, what thoughts are right and which ones are not, do you need to change them, if so which ones, what to think, monitoring thoughts made easy.
  • Do you ever ask – Why me? How does it happen to me?- What happens because of these thoughts?
  • How thoughts give rise and eventually manifest into realization of dreams/aspirations/desires.
  • What are Affirmations.
  • What are visions.
  • What is a Vizualization Board. What goes on it.

Larger Aim of this Workshop:

Explores and Enhances the Potential of the Kids. This awesome concept and steps learnt helps them in near future and beyond.

Activity Stuff:

Vizualization Board, Glitter Pens, Glue, Stickers, Writing book, pen, some etables (etc.)

Feedback on the Workshop from Kids and Parents

a) My daughter has started opening up
b) My son has aspirations that reflects how far and wide he thinks. I did not know of his intellectual level till now.
c) I wanted a Parker Pen and I followed what was suggested in the workshop and my Mom bought me one, I am still surprised
d) Thanks for teaching my child to think beyond limitations, he shared his book with me and I was amazed to see clearly he had started deciding what he wants in various areas in his life (of course with the guidance received in the Workshop)

Previous Dates : 21st Dec, Sun Time: 2.30pm to 5pm

Tapping and More
  • Science and Ancient History
  • How does it work
    • Meridian Points
    • Process – Tapping.
    • Set up statements.
    • Last round affirmations
    • How long to tap
      • Regular, On occasions, when in need, Rest your arms, Ask the expert. Keep time aside.
    • Amygdala
  • What areas does it work
  • Can it be used for good tapping. Yes, when something good happens, there is fear lurking, whether this will go away, whether good will be followed by bad, so tap and see what surfaces and eliminate fear.
  • What are the signs that it is working
  • Can you tap on children. How?
  • Important examples –personal experiences, Kriss Karr, Cheryl Richardson
  • Tapping on self and others.
  • Combination Therapies – Mirror work. Angel therapy. Meditation. Affirmations.
  • Gratitude. Notice changes.

Previous Dates : 12th November 2014

Wildlife and Nature Summer Camp 2016

Wildlife and Nature Summer Camp 2016 by Wild and Beyond, with an exclusive IADLife Workshop

Goal, Aim and intention of this workshop:

Learn about the a new science called ‘YOU’ also coined by IADLife as ‘Human Science’ This knowledge of science and process will be useful for them all throughout their lives in all areas – health, education, career, relationship and love.

Numerology and Life

Topics covered

  • Significance of the Numbers
  • Your Birth Number (calculated using your date of birth)
  • Your Number of Life Purpose ( everybody has a purpose of life and that number is also calculated through DOB but its different from birth number)
  • What role does a Birth Number plays in your purpose of life
  • Recognising blocks which are keeping you from your purpose of life and how to remove them.
  • The messages you get from the numbers you see repeatedly.

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