IADLife Workshop and Talks (Public Speaking)

IADLife conducts workshops on various topics. | National and International. | Regular (T@T6) and Decided (groups and corporates.) | Fixed topics and customised topics.

IADLife Workshop conducted to date.


  • Empowerment Workshop.
  • Workshop for Parents.
  • Angel Therapy Workshop.
  • Past Life Regression.
  • Numerology Workshop.
  • Heal Your Life Workshop.
  • De-Clutter Your Life.
  • Workshop for Children: In-doors and Out-doors.
  • Inner Child Healing.
  • Chakra Cleansing/Healing.
  • Creative Visualisation: Creatively Visualise Your Future.
  • Prosperity Workshop.
  • Tapping and more.
  • Mirror Work Workshop.
  • Gratitude Practice Workshops.
  • Workshop on Relationships.

Regular Workshops (on pause)

Training Courses (only online)

  • Training for Counsellors and Teachers
  • International Certification Training of Pranic Healing: 3 Levels


IADLife Public Speaking/ Talks

  • Rotary Club Senior Sangha South Bangalore, talk by Reena Yadav
  • Lioness Club
  • MechanoBiology Institute (MBI), National University Singapore



Reena spoke about the value of vibration and its major role in life’s manifestation. What is vibration? How many types are there? How does vibration influence desire manifestations? How do you use it in your favor?  It was attended by many international audiences online. 









The talk was about Reena’s journey and career trajectory from Scientist to Entrepreneurship. How and what influences participated in her decision-making? Her career story in healing to date. 

The biggest bias in your life’s progress is always within. Finding, recognising, acknowledging, and healing these bias(es) was taught was shared in the form of workbook for repeated use. 

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