Volunteering to check the Gratitude Practice data.

Gratitude practice data has been uploaded in this link

It is up for review by anyone who is willing to go through it. Groups of people can opt to go through it and get back to me with their feedback.

*Are the attachments loaded right?
*Are the audios working?
*Is there anything novel that you wish to add in the page which could add to its utility?

Volunteer. Please inform us in advance. For further clarifications please contact us. After your review there will be an incentive waiting for you.

Incentive: There is a two hour online counselling session completely FREE given to you, to discuss on any pre- decided topic.

Note: This activity has to be in groups. So recommend it to others and keep us posted. Or you could join any of the existing groups in case they are functioning.

Exercise to feel good about the Women’s day and Men’s Day celebration.

I (Reena Yadav), am an advocate of equality at human level. I believe all the other wonderful, extensive efforts that have been proposed and implemented, will have great results only when there is acknowledgement that we need to seek equality at human level first.

So I use to wonder how to respond when the women’s one day celebrations were mentioned to me. So, I decided to review it.

It is, after all a celebration.
So I did an exercise.
I wrote 10 statements stating, ‘I am happy, grateful and thankful for being a women, because …….’

I had to dig deep. And I was still not going any further than the third to fourth sentence.It was a revelation. I was motivated to look at those aspects of my life as a women that I had either,

(a) not acknowledged,

(b) taken for granted, or

(c) was not aware that it could be counted.

I kept working on it and by the time I reached the 10th sentence, as to why I like being a woman and I am grateful for being a woman, I was feeling good. I was feeling comfortable about the day, the advertisements, the wishes, the messages that were being circulated, the discounts and the gifts that were being offered.

Please note it is not about suppressing what is not working or what does not give you a good feeling. It is about exploring the true nature of your attitude towards that aspect of your life. You then will be either comfortable with it or will be able to stand up to it.

 I did this exercise and I felt better about the day. This is the reason this was recommended as an activity.

 My request is that you do this, be it as mother, father, sister, brother, colleague, or just about any role that you want to feel good about.

EXERCISE: Write 10 statements stating,

‘I am happy, grateful and thankful for being me because …….’
‘I am happy, grateful and thankful for being a woman, because …….’
‘I am happy, grateful and thankful for being a man, because …….’

Check your feelings. Share the results with us. Thank you considering to do this exercise.

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