Here are some of the project ideas for which we seek collaborations [networking, sponsorship, contacts].         Anyone who has the resources and is willing to share with us please Contact Us. Thank you for your consideration. 


(1) Book Publishing. Data on the same subject is ready to be published in the form of books for the reach and availability of people from all over the planet. To know the style, topics, caliber of the write ups, please read through Reena’s Blog posts. Request the publishing firm to please contact us.

(2) Prints of IADLife sayings, sketches or personalised messages for each by Reena Yadav on the Mugs, T-shirts, jute wall hangings and scarfs.

(3) Diaries with IADLife sayings by Reena Yadav. Please visit the IADLife blog for these sayings.

(4) Calendars, daily reminders, Apps with everyday sayings from Reena Yadav.

(5) Networking and advertisement for workshops and life coaching.

(6) We are looking for sponsorship for advertisements – online and newspapers and for other creative idea fruition.

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