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Research, this page has information about our revelations, realisations, and understanding.

This has come forth from our studies and interactions in various areas.

We aim to bring a composite, wholesome, combined understanding of the various healing fields and see how it can be effectively used individually/separately or together.

I (Reena Yadav), from IADLife, have very respectfully called this field – ‘Human Science.’


It is about understanding the what, when, how and why of life situations.

Our findings from the research department lead to those answers.

Human Science is the term coined by me at IADLife, which is defined as the area of study that gives healing solutions for the human mind, body, heart, and soul.

Our studies from the indigenous findings are and internal discussions are shared here on the IADLife website and itsadeservinglife blog, The data is also used in IADLife external workshops for groups, corporates, and internal IADLife workshops like [email protected].

We are open to hearing your comments too. So do share.

Here are some of the findings.


Current Research Topic


* What is it?
* How to find or attract it?
* Why hasn’t love found you yet?
* Exercise to do get clear on love and have love in your life.

Data will be shared here. Stay tuned.

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