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Is that Caffeine only a Habit or an Addiction?
Economic Times on 13-05-2016 Page 21
IADLife and Reena Yadav consulted
Link for complete article by Saliha Naslin, Chief Copy Editor

“Dear Friends! I am very happy to share with you that I am a published author. My thesis in bioinformatics has been converted into a book, MANTRA : “Manchester database of tRNA and related sequences”. The book is available for purchase on”

Stress Management in Office:

Stress Management in Office Environment

Few points used in Economic times page 21 date 11-03-2016

Complete Article:

“Healing for is for all” :Rotary Club Senior Citizen Sangha South Bangalore, talk by Reena Yadav on 21.10.2015

Lecture – Reena Yadav

Reena Yadav in Economics Times

IADLife and Reena Yadav mentioned in Article on Eating Disorder in The Economic times, Bangalore, pg 12.

Inline image 1# page 12 “Are you addicted to being e-social”

29 05 2015 – Economics Times – It’s A DESERVING Life

Depressed? Solution is a Walk in the Park

21st December 2013 – FM 104 Radio Interview

Speaking Tree Advts – Examples

We Met Guy Steven Needler

Guy Steven Needler is the Author of: The History of God, Beyond the Source – Book 1 & Book 2, Avoiding Karma, The Origin Speaks (Now on Pre-Sale).

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