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About Pranic Healing Sessions at IADLife.


Pranic healing is one of three forms of energy healing. Other being Qigong and Reiki. IADLife presently provides Pranic Healing only as one of the services. IADLife provides distance Pranic Healing, that is, remotely healing from a physical space away from the client. Pranic healing is done in person with the healer when it is clubbed with a counselling session.

Master Choa Kok Sui is the Founder and Originator of the Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga® System.

Pranic healing has three steps – Cleansing, Healing, Shielding.

Body has ‘chakras.’ They are in the front of the body and back of the body. They are major ones and the minor ones. They are present in specific positions in the body all the way from top of the head to tip of the toe. These chakras support some specific body parts and organs in the body. Chakras need to be well energised to support.

When there is congestion or lowering of energy in the chakras it is an indication that there is about to be a physical manifestation of the disease. The symptoms that are seen are much later as a result of what had already affected at the chakra level much earlier. Pranic healing shows its effect at the chakra level first and therefore sometimes the physical symptoms seem to take time to subside.

Pranic healing can heal permanently any physical diseases and life situations. Pranic Healing can heal diseases, life’s prosperity, relationships, mood swings, stress, anxiety, and other life situations due to emotions.

This is a no-touch therapy. The healer connects with you and checks your aura to assess your health at physical and emotional level. There are no side effects to receiving Pranic healing.

The Pranic healing sessions does not interfere or stop you from taking support from other healing methods like allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, surgery, external/topical application of medicines.

Pranic healing carries out healing from inside out. It may work in collaboration with the other methods that you are currently using if that method is good for you.

Protocol for the Pranic healing session(s) booking.

Steps involved:

    1. Contact and discuss with the counsellor at IADLife. Briefly state/share where/what is the support required.
    2. You will be suggested to fix a consultation session with the Pranic Healer over the phone or on video chat at a mutually convenient time.
    3. Cost of the consultation is equivalent to cost of one Pranic healing session. This becomes complementary after the sessions are booked.
    4. The consultation session with the Pranic healer has to be pre-booked. That is cost has to be paid for the session before the consultation session.
    5. After the discussion with the Pranic Healer, you will be suggested
      (a) the number of sessions per day, and
      (b) duration and schedule of the Pranic healing sessions required to heal your life situation. That is, the number of days, weeks or months required for the healing and what time(s) of the day would you have the healing. The number of sessions depends on severity of the situation and how swiftly do you wish to heal. All of this is open for discussion.
    6. You will need to transfer the part of the cost in advance. The amount/cost to transfer can be discussed with the healer or counsellor at IADLife.
    7. After the sessions are booked, the instructions and procedure for the Pranic healing will be shared with you.

      You are encouraged and requested to ask all your questions and get them clarified.

Procedure for the Pranic healing.
    1. Each session extends to 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. Pranic healing session time is fixed as per mutual convenience of you and the healer.
    3. IADLife will send you a Master Choa Kok Sui audio CD by courier. (Charges are inclusive of the session costing). The CD needs to be played during the session time.
      You may choose to play the CD at any other time if you wish. The CD is for you to keep and listen.
    4. During the Pranic Healing Sessions you need to be at a receiving mode. Choose your favourite spot in the place you are at. Play the CD, relax on a chair or lie down. Create a serene environment with incense sticks with your favourite fragrance and with scented candles (optional).
    5. While in meditative state during the session, you may repeat an affirmation of your choice or choose from any of them listed below.

“I am willing to receive all good.”
“God and Angels are supporting me in the healing journey.”
“I am healing at a good pace.”
“My healing journey and experience is smooth, pleasant, and joyful.”
“My life situation is getting solved wonderfully.”
“I love and accept myself exactly as I am and I am willing to change.”  

  1. Put a reminder or alarm for the sessions for you to know when the session begins every day.
  2. In case you are interacting or doing some other action, then be aware of the healing session is in progress. Write is somewhere, on post-it, white board or on a paper that you can see from time to time. “My healing is in progress.” If possible repeat it as many times as possible.
  3. Make a diary and give it a name. ‘Swift Healing’, ‘Your-Name Healing’. In the diary note down every thought, experiences, changes, visions, that you encounter all throughout the healing.
  4. You can fix a time with the Pranic healer to clarify any doubts or to share your progress in healing.
  5. Be committed to healing yourself through this process. Be willing.
Important points to remember during the Pranic healing session.
  1. Take a salt water bath during the healing session days. Purchase the rock salt and use two spoons per bucket of water. If you take shower then, do the salt water bath in the end.
  2. NEVER take the salt water bath from the head/scalp. Salt water is hard water and is not recommended for the hair on the head.

  3. In additional to salt you may choose to add two drops of eucalyptus oil and/ or lavender oil, in the same bucket. Salt acts as cleansing the body of low energies. The oil fragrances raise the vibration.
  4. Always remember to take the shower before the Pranic healing session. In case you miss taking the bath/shower then wait for four hours after the Pranic healing.

IADLife also provides Pranic healing TRAINING

These are brief description created by Reena Yadav from IADLife. This information is enough to get you started.

This field has vast and plethora of information that can be attained from other sources.

Thank you for your interest in Pranic Healing Sessions from IADLife.

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