Training for Healers and Counsellors

As Counselors and people who support other people, we need to know exactly ‘how’ to support others so that there is mutual benefit. To accomplish this, IADLife has organised a guidance that will take you and your healing efforts to genuine heights.

Trainer: Ms. Rama Awasthi. Leading Hypnotherapist and Counsellor. Practicing since 15++ years.

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Earlier Date : 9th August and 10th August

Time: 10am – 5 pm

Venue: IADLife Office

Testimonial: Such intensity, such unique tips and such trade secrets to make us more effective counsellor and healers. Such an active and enthusiastic participation. This world deserves more of such effective counsellors.

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Pranic Healing Certification Course


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, to be held in BANGALORE in JANUARY 2016.

Jan 12th Tue , 13th Wed – LEVEL 1
Jan 14th Thur, 15th Fri – LEVEL 2
Jan 17th Sat, 18th Sun – LEVEL 3

Time 9AM to 6PM

Level 1 : Basic Pranic Healing Workshop

Key points to be covered in Basic Pranic Healing Workshop

  • What is the Aura?
  • Connection between our Energy Body and Physical Body
  • How can we see & feel energy & the Aura
  • How can we identify & diagnosis diseases in energy system.
  • Functions of 11 major Chakras
  • How to use prana for healing from natural sources.
  • No – Touch techniques to How to Heal patient
  • Learn how your hands can heal you!
  • Learn Powerful Twin Heart Meditation to increase your internal power.
  • Law of Karma & It’s Golden Rule.
  • Techniques to heal our Self quickly like – Stress, Tiredness
  • Distance Pranic Healing technique.

Level 2 : Advance Pranic Healing

  • Effective Colour Prana
  • Using right proportion and combination of color pranas
  • Advance Scanning
  • Performing specialized healing on chronic ailments in shorter time
  • Advance Healing for Rapid Recovery of wounds, pain and burns.
  • Advance Techniques for Blood purification, Cleansing internal organs and boost up immune system

Level 3 : Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop

  • Psychological Function of chakras
  • Healing of psychology disorders from Stress to Severe depression
  • Healing of Addictions, Trauma, Phobia, Relationship
  • Transmutation of Sex energy for Mental development & much more

All Certificates are provided by the WORLD PRANIC HEALING ASSOCIATION :

Please come and join this workshop and know more about hidden ability of your body which is revealed first time in this workshop.


Books and CDs and Certificate will be provided.

Meditation that will be covered are : (1)Peace and Elimination (2) Stress Relief

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Details Pranic Healing Teacher: Mr Dinesh Patel (Mumbai)

13 years of experience in teaching and healing in Pranic Healing

Some of his achievements are as follows:

  • Have met and learnt from Master Cho Kok Sui for Kriya sakti and spent time at the Arhathic treat
  • Registered with World Pranic Healing Foundation and institute for inner study Inc (Manila)
  • Was awarded for producing highest number of advanced students in a year in Maharastra

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