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Begging is a form of ASKING

Dear Friends!

Here in India you must have noticed beggars. Some are poor, sick, old or eunuchs. Have you ever cringed seeing them and their begging tactics and physical condition. Do you feel sad, get upset or angry or just irritated. Do you politely refuse or give. Or do you give or not give but add a piece of your mind or some words of wisdom, such as, “get a job”, “aren’t you ashamed of begging” or something to that effect.

What could be the reason behind your action.

Some do it out fear that you might be cursed if you refuse or guilt of having more than them or plain dislike for the pathetic state that they demonstrate or represent.

When you were growing up what was the treatment you received whenever you asked for something!

Did you receive with RESPECT and easily and comfortably! Did you receive with contempt, disrespect, disgrace and/or with difficulty!

If you find it difficult or painful to remember. Consider ‘asking questions’. Notice how easily do you ask questions when you are in conversations e.g. in office, with family members or even complete strangers. The level of effort that is required for you to do that is directly proportional to the next question.

How often have you been scolded for asking question/s?

All these are connected. Each time you are stopped or snubbed, you are ‘limited’. This limiting behavior becomes a ‘habit’. And thus starts your transformation towards aversion for asking. Every time you see you a beggar or encounter begging, all the limiting, insulting, saddening memories surface and are very hurtful.

If you were to know that
Begging is a form of ASKING.
It is safe to ask.
It is respectful to ask.
It is your right.

The moment you understand and acknowledge and register this, asking and giving becomes easy. The reverse transformation to you becoming ‘limitless’ happens.

Then every time someone is asking something of you or from you, the next step/action becomes your CHOICE. Give money, advice, your presence/existence, food, gifts, blessings or not give. You are safe. You are respected.
Please ASK.


‘Ask and it is given – Ester And Jerry Hicks’

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife


Your VISIBILITY is not with your eyes but with your beliefs

Dear Friend!

‘Your VISIBILITY is not with your eyes but with your beliefs’

What you see, you perceive, what you perceive you express, what you express is what you are convinced that you saw.
What you are convinced is directly based on the beliefs that you have.

Case study: G came home drunk, to find the gates of her building closed. When she asked the watchman to open the door, he rudely told her get sober and come back. She was enraged as the watchman was stopping access to her own home. she jumped the building gate after the watchman was gone, to get to her home. Next day when she complained to the building authorities, they suggested her to return before the building gate closing time. Basically she neither received support from them nor was the watchman reprimanded for his behavior. She was a single lady going through a divorce. She was coming home after an office party. She was judged because she was coming back drunk. Gossips started and many more stories started getting added to that. G stood her ground. only one women from the building stood up for her. This lady wonderfully pointed out, ‘how the whole issue was misconstrued. The watchman’s misbehavior with a building member was completely ignored, which is what needed to be addressed. She also pointed out that G is an adult and is taking responsibility of her actions and safety. Leaving her stranded outside of her own building nobody’s right. Insulting her by not supporting her is an unacceptable judgmental behavior.’ G asked the building people ‘would they have behaved the same with man returning drunk.’

Where do you think this judgmental behavior came from, the belief that people in the building held about women drinking, women working and women coming late from office or elsewhere.

Case Study: T got laid off and as time passed, T was seen more and more in the area and in a disturbed and shabby condition. His relatives and his neighbors started to call him ‘mentally unstable’. This was the derivation of their beliefs. What they were seeing was a young man wasting his time and youth. The belief was that a boy/man has to have a job else is useless. The pressure of questions and not getting the job was pushing him into depression, and he was getting confused about his future. What he needed was guidance what to do with the ‘wait period’. Which he got from the life coaching sessions he decided to attend.
So now see with your eyes and by describing what you see ‘as is’. Set aside the perception and you will be lovingly surprised with this new clear visibility.

Thank you and best regards

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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